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Super Captian Dan




--yes your favorite sailors have come along way since the inception of the CLC. Founded by Mike W,Ron J, Danny K and BIG LUMPY. The colors of the logo: Red Blue Yellow and Grey boarder of the burgey, a clc BURGEEE designed by Shannon M was composed of the original founding member boats.

Henceforward therefore, "Where are They Now"
A ROAST to the great 1 meter sailors, the fun and frienships developed insailing that will eternaly go on!


Dave S currently raising wild turkeys and damn good at croque lawn golf. Owner/GM of a high-tech company used on Nascar drivers uniforms that changed standard so its more like the MOVIE "TRON".

Mike W ... is currently, designing plans for a las vegas style SUMMERFEST GROUNDS indoor and outdoor. Part owner of The Milwaukee Brewers. Lives in Portugal/Spain Castle in the winter. Great Nachos.

Danny K ... is currently, designing a top secret C SCOW boat that is more for more pleasure, and the skipper sits in a cockpit area where computers jyrate the ballast with
mechanism reclining chair that pivots for ballance and comming about. Also doing test on sail designs in Australlia.

Shannon M ... Currently, Irish Hurling High Scorer in Nation. Plans to build an underwater home in a 200 deep lake in Northern Wisconsin. Holds 10 time King of the lake raft SUMO championship, also tag team partner with GABE. Rumors that he has a skybox at Lambau field.

Keith B ... Currently, Mayor of Butler Wi. Also, Boardmemeber/ General Director of Greenbay Packers. Assistant Cheerleader recruiter -- Greenbay Packers.
Is redoing wardrob to match the new Red Bucks Logo Colors.

Michael G ... Currently, training to skipper the next Americas Cup with Michael Jordan bussines partner.
Developing an nostolgic outdoor theater with fast go carts.
travels to Hawaii to Japan for NIKE celebrity golf outings.

Brian B ...Currently, 2 time Wimbleton Champion. 1 time US Open doubles Champion. Developed a Keg that stays cold without ice, and comes with a girl who does barrel stands.
Has 3 pattents on wind power converters and is developing wind power communities in Midwest. has 1 outstanding parking ticket - Butler WI.

NEIL S. Currently, Owns a Professional Soccer Team, Designed a 4 wheeler that converts to a mini-submarine.
Founder of BioTech Company that has is underwater labs.
Runs a Resort with Tiki Bars in Carribean.

Kevin B Currently, 1 time US open double champion.
owner of Geneva National Golf Course and hotel.
Developed WI-STATE Monorail system that runs on Secret Recipie Grape Alchol drink.

Ron J Currently, US OLYMPIC Hockey and Down hill Ski champion, Developed a method for growing Giant RED WOOD SEQUIA Pine Trees in Wisconsin. (Lou knows BARK)

Joe B Currently, Owner of a Raceing Horse stable and Championship winner horse that was on cover of Sports Illustrated. Mayor of St. Thomas Island USA province.

Gump ...Currently, National Geographics Production Director and reporter on Kyaking the world. Comodoty Tycoon who cornered the market on corn prior to Mid East Price Hike. Owns a biotech garden center that does work for NASA.

Kurt B ...Currently, holds both the "WWE Tag Team and Intercontenetal Championship belts, Goes by the RING Name: CRIMSON EMPIRE. Is filming a movie based on a book he wrote, "Its like I am in a movie" Runs a website for the Superhero Justice League on Batman's Computer. Gets to uses Cave for art painting , PLUS gets to use the Bat Poles and Red Bat Phone.

HOPE YOU Had fun

Peter & Greg teaching R/C sailing skills.

Keith 4-5 time CLC TRESURER.



East Troy, Crooked Lake -- Meller sailed to victory useing his keen skippering abilities taught to him by Super Captian Dan while apprenticing aboard the B-222 C Scow.

Dave worked very diligently on his TOP NOTCH CLASS 1 meter sailboat, and was said to have raced till his nuckles froze.

But,Shannon logged in the hours of custom building and refinishing his sailboat armada fleet that he vigourously maintiains in the garage. Unfortunitally Gab was too big to fit into the boat to be an even better skipper than shannon on remote control.

Mark one more for Team Shamo. Rumors abound that there is going to be a partnership of Danny's Sail Loft design and Meller Boat Works in a venture called " QUANT-TUMS ".

Shannon has a black belt in R/C boat building and the title of BLUE CHIP WIZZARD. Shannon solidified his TITLE TOWN portfolio to include EAST SHORE CHAMPION - The Black and Blue Division. ESC divisionarites Keith (TEMPTED)and Brian (WHITEBEARD) made nobel attempts to get into the game, but fantasies of Packers SuperBowl Showings and Ice Fishing Hopes cluttered the road to victory. While Super Captian Dan harrolds the West Coast. Ron Mon Still holds the lock on MILL LAKE CHAMPION. And there are rumors Ron's boat is being accustomed to a new high tech keil. Neil the Long Lake Conference Champ was uncontested as of late. However CLC spy drone planes have notice a strange new design and concept in his secret ONE METER OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

Interestingly enough Shannon can recite the parrels of 2 young Crooked Lake Residents enthusiest snowmobilers who fell through the ice and had to warm up in a good neighbors Hot Tub.

DANNY WINS IRS CUP 2005!!!!!!!
Editorial--  bla bla bla...  I'd win it too if I had the board game REGATTA.





Get your boats ready.
Sailors wear your JOHN DEERE black hats.




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